Monday, January 12, 2009


It is not that hard to refrain oneself from consuming McDonald's, Coke, Starbucks coffee, or wearing Levi's.

McD for instance is not the ideal diet anyway. In case you missed out on Morgan Spurlock's SuperSize Me, the food of McD is hardly nutritional if not harmful to your health.

Coke, hmm what else can you say about a drink that is made almost exclusively out of sugar!

The most difficult thing about the boycott movement I think, is deep inside our heart and mind, we realize that it (the boycott) will hurt the local economy more than it will hurt the mighty USA.

What would we be saying to the children of a Coke employee if their father is out of work because of the boycott? (if the boycott is a total success of course)


  1. My thoughts exactly bro...
    Sometimes typical knee-jerk reactions are just belted out without any real thought to the ultimate consequences

  2. Bro, check out my recent blog entry and tell me what u think ;)

  3. lama tak singgah..;)

    hurm...i think u should read this too for a better perception. tp walauapepn, ia terpulang pada individu itu sendiri untuk menilainya.

  4. lobo,
    knee jerk ni biasanya kejap ja, itu yg problem. Belum sempat nak take effect, dah lupa pasal boycott tu.

    I'm all for the boycott. Tapi rasanya kena cari cara yang lebih impactful. :)